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The leydig cells in the testes that are stimulated by the higher levels of luteinizing hormones, helps them secrete more testosterone hormone in the body, thus making tamoxifen to have a positive influence on a man s testosterone levels.

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Even if your periods have stopped or are irregularyou still need to use contraceptionYour doctor or nurse can tell you more about this.

You may feel tiredsleepy or feel you have no energy when you start taking tamoxifenTry to pace yourself until this improvesAim for a balance between having enough rest and being physically activeDoing exerciselike going for regular short walkswill help you to feel less tired.

Treat breast cancer in women treat breast cancer in men reduce the risk of breast cancer coming backafter other treatments control cancer that has come back or spread to other parts of the bodyknown as secondary breast cancershrink a large breast cancer tumour before surgery.

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i was on arimidex i was postmenopausal and then switched to tamoxifen because i wanted to stop the ais to see if they contributed to my hair not fullycoming back after taxotere.

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